5 Best Snowboarding Pants: Stay Warm and Stylish on the Slopes

Best Snowboarding Pants


When it comes to hitting the slopes and enjoying the thrill of snowboarding, having the best snowboarding pants is essential. One of the most important pieces of equipment every snowboarder should invest in is a pair of high-quality snowboarding pants. These pants not only keep you warm and dry but also provide the necessary flexibility and protection for an exhilarating ride down the mountain. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of snowboarding pants and help you find the best options available. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, let’s dive into the world of the best snowboarding pants!

Best Snowboarding Pants: What to Look For

When searching for the best snowboarding pants, there are several key factors to consider. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

1. Waterproof and Breathable Materials

Snowboarding involves spending long hours in cold and wet conditions. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose pants that are made from waterproof and breathable materials. Look for pants with a high waterproof rating, typically measured in millimeters (mm). The higher the rating, the more water-resistant the pants will be. Additionally, pants with breathable fabrics allow moisture and sweat to escape, keeping you comfortable throughout your ride.

2. Insulation for Warmth

Staying warm is paramount when snowboarding. Insulated snowboarding pants help retain body heat, keeping you cozy even in freezing temperatures. Look for pants with synthetic insulation or down filling, both of which provide excellent warmth without adding excessive bulk.

3. Durability and Reinforcement

Snowboarding is a physically demanding activity that can put your gear to the test. Look for pants with reinforced areas in high-wear zones such as the knees and seat. Reinforcements like double-layered fabrics or added padding enhance durability and ensure your pants withstand the rigors of the sport.

4. Freedom of Movement

Snowboarding requires a wide range of motion, so it’s crucial to choose pants that offer freedom of movement. Opt for pants with articulated knees and a relaxed fit that allows you to bend, twist, and jump with ease. Stretchy materials and gusseted crotches are also great features to enhance mobility.

5. Adjustable Features

Having adjustable features on your snowboarding pants can greatly enhance your comfort and fit. Look for pants with adjustable waistbands, leg gaiters, and boot gaiters. These features allow you to customize the fit and keep the snow and cold air out.

Top 5 Best Snowboarding Pants

Now that we have discussed the important features to consider, let’s explore the top five snowboarding pants available on the market today:

1. Burton Men’s Covert Pants

  • Waterproof Rating: 15,000mm
  • Breathability Rating: 10,000g
  • Insulation: Shell (no insulation)
  • Features: Fully taped seams, mesh-lined inner thigh vents, reinforced cuffs, articulated knees, and zippered pockets.

The Burton Men’s Covert Pants are a popular choice among snowboarders due to their excellent waterproofing and breathability. With fully taped seams and a 15,000mm waterproof rating, these pants keep you dry even in heavy snowfall. The shell design allows for layering according to the weather conditions, making them versatile for various temperatures. The mesh-lined inner thigh vents provide additional breathability on warmer days, while the reinforced cuffs ensure durability.

2. Oakley Women’s TNP Pants

  • Waterproof Rating: 20,000mm
  • Breathability Rating: 15,000g
  • Insulation: Thinsulate insulation
  • Features: Critically taped seams, adjustable waistband, boot gaiters, articulated knees, and zippered pockets.

The Oakley Women’s TNP Pants are a stylish and functional choice for female snowboarders. With a 20,000mm waterproof rating and Thinsulate insulation, these pants offer excellent protection against harsh weather conditions. The critically taped seams and adjustable waistband provide a snug and comfortable fit. The boot gaiters and articulated knees ensure ease of movement, making them ideal for all skill levels.

3. The North Face Men’s Freedom Pants

  • Waterproof Rating: 25,000mm
  • Breathability Rating: 20,000g
  • Insulation: Heatseeker insulation
  • Features: Fully taped seams, Chimney Venting system, adjustable waist tabs, reinforced kick patches, and zippered pockets.

The North Face Men’s Freedom Pants are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while providing optimal performance. With a 25,000mm waterproof rating and Heatseeker insulation, these pants offer superior warmth and protection. The Chimney Venting system allows for increased airflow, preventing overheating during intense sessions. The adjustable waist tabs ensure a customizable fit, and the reinforced kick patches enhance durability.

4. Roxy Women’s Creek Pants

  • Waterproof Rating: 15,000mm
  • Breathability Rating: 15,000g
  • Insulation: Shell (no insulation)
  • Features: Fully taped seams, jacket-to-pant attachment system, adjustable waistband, mesh-lined leg vents, and zippered pockets.

The Roxy Women’s Creek Pants combine style and functionality for female snowboarders. With a 15,000mm waterproof rating and fully taped seams, these pants keep you dry in wet conditions. The jacket-to-pant attachment system provides a seamless connection between your pants and jacket, preventing snow from entering. The adjustable waistband ensures a comfortable fit, and the mesh-lined leg vents allow for increased breathability.

5. Volcom Men’s L Gore-Tex Pants

  • Waterproof Rating: 28,000mm
  • Breathability Rating: 20,000g
  • Insulation: Shell (no insulation)
  • Features: Fully taped seams, Zip Tech pant-to-jacket interface, adjustable waistband, boot gaiters, and zippered pockets.

The Volcom Men’s L Gore-Tex Pants are a top choice for snowboarders seeking maximum protection and performance. With an impressive 28,000mm waterproof rating, these pants excel in even the wettest conditions. The Zip Tech pant-to-jacket interface ensures a seamless connection for enhanced snow protection. The adjustable waistband and boot gaiters provide a comfortable and secure fit, while the zippered pockets offer ample storage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are snowboarding pants different from regular winter pants? Yes, snowboarding pants are specifically designed for the unique needs of snowboarders. They have features like waterproofing, insulation, and reinforced areas to withstand the demands of the sport.
  2. Can I wear jeans for snowboarding? It’s not recommended to wear jeans for snowboarding. Jeans lack the necessary waterproofing and insulation needed to keep you comfortable and dry on the slopes.
  3. How do I choose the right size of snowboarding pants? It’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart for accurate measurements. Snowboarding pants should fit comfortably, allowing for a full range of motion without being too baggy or tight.
  4. Should I choose pants with or without insulation? The choice between insulated and non-insulated pants depends on the weather conditions and personal preference. Insulated pants provide extra warmth in cold temperatures, while non-insulated pants offer more versatility for layering.
  5. How should I care for my snowboarding pants? Always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Generally, it’s recommended to machine wash your pants using a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can diminish the waterproofing properties.
  6. Can I use snowboarding pants for other winter activities? Yes, snowboarding pants are versatile and can be used for various winter activities like skiing, snowshoeing, or simply staying warm in cold weather.


Investing in the best snowboarding pants is essential for an enjoyable and comfortable experience on the slopes. Consider factors such as waterproofing, insulation, durability, mobility, and adjustable features when choosing the right pair. Our top recommendations, including the Burton Men’s Covert Pants, Oakley Women’s TNP Pants, The North Face Men’s Freedom Pants, Roxy Women’s Creek Pants, and Volcom Men’s L Gore-Tex Pants, offer excellent performance and style.

Remember, finding the perfect pair of snowboarding pants that suit your needs and preferences will greatly enhance your snowboarding adventures. So gear up, hit the slopes, and enjoy the thrill of snowboarding with confidence and style!

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